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Tailor-made Self-Paced Lessons For Companies

Scrum13 LMS is designed to help companies educate their employees on their internal processes, practices and professional development needs.

  •  All courses are self-paced.
  •  All courses are exclusively available for your company.
  •  Train your employees on your processes, products and services.
  •  Quizzes and Final Exams can be included for each course.

We partner up and visualize your onboarding process, from the offer acceptance phase till the end of the probation period.

  • We design together all the onboarding training as per your process.
  • Role-specific courses as per your Organizational skillset and Chart.
  • Structure in separate course categories your onboarding process.

Upskill your employees on each role in your company by creating a role based tailored self paced training. 

  • We design together the training for the new role.
  •  Accept internal applications by taking a self paced training for the new role.
  • Give a better understanding of the new role based on how your company works.
  • Prepare your employee for the upcoming challenges of the new role.

Employees that work for a company that invests in the improvement of their  professional profile are more happy and productive.

  • We evaluate the current skillset in your company.
  • We plan together a re-skilling strategy of your employees.
  • Re-skill and achieve 100% job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Re-skilling your employees will help you create loyalty and talent retention.

Give the opportunity to your employees to gain new knowledge. It's an enabler to drive results and grow them as leaders by applying that knowledge.

  • Categorize your LnD strategy and create self paced trainings.
  • Partner up and set an LnD strategy.
  •  We partner up and review your Learning and Development plan and set a backlog of prioritized initiatives to improve it. 
Why Scrum13 LMS?
We partner up and cultivate a continuous improvement culture. We offer a convenient and cost effective way to set up your Onboarding, Learning and Development process following 3 simple steps. We have everything ready for you.

Gather information

We meet and discuss your needs. Set up now a free 30-minute consulting meeting.

Agree on initiatives

We prioritize initiatives and prepare a learning backlog based on your needs. Learning backlog consists of live and/or self-paced trainings.

We Partner Up

Our Goal is to cultivate a continuous improvement culture. We set an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) strategy, deliver, consult, coach and retrospect the results.
Convenient, Cost Effective, Branded And Tailored To Fit Your Needs

Scrum13 LMS saves organizations time and money by allowing the easy administration of large amounts of information in a user friendly, web based environment.

Equip your organization with our Scrum and Agile knowledge and expertise, partner up and create from scratch tailored branded self-paced lessons for your employees.

Certifications can be issued automatically for each course, either just by completing the lessons, passing quizzes and/or passing the exam. All 3 options are available!

Find the right learning path for you

All our Scrum and Agile learning paths are designed to align with your company's learning paths and professional development. Simply you share with us your need and we deliver!
What our Students say
8+ years of experience
With more than 8 years of agile and scrum experience, we helped organizations transform, we helped startups scale and launch in the market, we trained and certified teams in Scrum and cultivate a continuous learning and improvement culture.
  • Self Paced
  • Branded
  • Tailored