Skills-based recruitment

We do not find for you the candidates but we help you find the right ones. At Scrum13 we provide the tools to identify the need, interview and setup measurable onboarding plans. We also assist on recruitment of Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Scrum Team Members by finding and upskilling the right candidates through our Scrum Recruitment Program.

Skills-based recruitment strategy is the practice of hiring, either internally or externally, based on the skills, capabilities and talent. It is one of the pillars we develop in order to evolve the organizational agility and respond to change more efficiently. We work together and find new ways to assess candidates' skills and expertise and on the other hand we bring to the table the expectation from the candidates of proving their skills.
Recruitment process

We partner up and evolve or develop the Recruitment process to a measurable backlog of initiatives, that altogether meet the goals that derived from the overall team and  organizational Vision. Overall, we consult, guide and coach on the following areas:

Hiring need
We consult on identifying the need, the role and the added value we expect to have from this new employee.

Design recruitment strategy
The traditional way to seek for candidates is to write the job description, post it online and interview the highlighted candidates. We consult on various ways to devise the recruitment strategy to be more creative and more attractive to top talents.

Screening and Shortlisting
This is one of the most time-consuming parts of the overall recruitment process. Selecting the right candidates that based on their skills and expertise fit in the vacancy is a necessary condition for a successful recruitment.
Conducting the interviews
A team approach interactive interview with the key relevant people, will help us better understand the candidate in the aspect of skills, expertise and talent. Most importantly, we will better understand if the candidate fits in our culture.

Setting the onboarding plan
We evolve or develop an onboarding plan from the day that the candidate accepts the offer till the completion of the probation period. For some parts of the onboarding plan we also use the Scrum13 LMS service.

Internal Recruitment
Evolve or develop Up-skilling, re-skilling and promoting programs internally.

Offboarding plan
We evolve or develop all the steps necessary to a successful exit of any employee following a resignation or termination.