Organizational culture

Organizational Culture is defined by the level of accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, collaboration and communication. Each company goes through a lot of changes that shape the culture through out the time. We help organizations set their cultural goals and evolve to an agile, team of teams culture improving performance, collaboration, communication, accountability and efficiency.

Office, remote or hybrid way of working in combination with multi office locations / countries requires a cultural diversity and inclusion strategy. Supporting your employees that are coming from different backgrounds, characteristics, viewpoints and skills is essential to cultivate a team of teams culture. One of today's leadership challenges is the optimization of the collaboration of multiple teams in often a global, diverse, and predominantly virtual environment.

Cultivating an agile culture

Every organization is unique, the people make it unique, hence, the strategy and approach to cultivate an agile culture is always different. We gather all the insights we need in order to understand the current culture highlighting the pain points. Some of the findings may be just symptoms and in order to reveal and understand the real problem we dive in by conducting root cause analysis. 

Culture derives from the way the system works and the system is an outcome of the company's structure. We observe patterns and habbits, understand the decision making process, empathise with the side effects caused by the pain points and shape an overall understanding of the current situation. Unless we have the big picture, we cannot proceed with any action.

Evolvement to a different culture, needs a goal oriented cultural plan, always linked with the overall vision and values of the company.