The brainstorming approach

It is proven that combining fun and work together, the result is surprisingly positive. A brainstorming workshop breaks the daily routine and brings people together in diversified teams.

The outcome of a workshop depends on defining properly the goals we want to achieve, the structure and the venue. Breaking the routine means we are doing something different, creative, relaxing and fun. Each and every employee that works in our company has an idea how to improve things but not all of them speak up or share their ideas or there are cases that employees feel that have no voice.

A brainstorming workshop is an enabler for all to communicate, collaborate and share ideas based on their skills and expertise.

The structure

A brainstorming workshop is set up after discussing the needs and the desired outcome we expect from it. The audience need to be relevant to the topic and can be conducted either in the company's premises or any other place outside the company. 

The duration can vary according to the company needs. A brainstorming workshop can be combined with team bonding activities, upskilling sessions, training sessions on innovation events. As soon as we decide the nature of the event, we propose various structures describing the nature of each one and how people are expected to work together and last but not least we agree on the date and venue and then we deliver.

After the brainstorming workshop, we make sure that the company works on the ideas and take actions. For the company is important as the time invested met the expectations and had an actual business outcome and for the employees is important because they actually get to see their ideas becoming reality and increases loyalty, ownership and engagement.