Agility is the key

We are living through an era of high uncertainty and many organizations strive to cope. Many business sectors recorded a number of organizational failures, including some really reputable brand names, and we expect to see some more. Out of all these failures, the greatest lesson learned is that organizations need to change at all levels and adapt in the new era and drive their business to success.

We focus mostly on the four mega issues organizations usually struggle with. Prioritization, Working Product, Organizational Refactoring and Culture. From decades of researches and from our 10+ experience in the industry, we learned that many companies suffer from the "everything is urgent" culture, missing or delaying the deadlines that results to an increase of cost and loss of opportunities, dysfunctional processess and lack of accountability.

We help organizations deal with the four mega issues by identifying and switching all the pain points to opportunities and evolve the organization to a high performing entity. We gradually "install" an operating model that fits best and accelerate the business agility through our transformation process. We partner up and drive together the change towards success. We set goals and drive the effort with OKRs, cultivate a continuous improvement culture and solid change management, agree on the backlog, setup cross-functional teams and contribute with our knowledge and expertise to a successful agile transformation journey by training, guiding, mentoring, coaching and  consulting.
Understand the need for change and gather data
  • Meet with Upper Management and understand the need for change
  • Gather information and understand current way of working
  • Build a backlog with initiatives
  • Set up leadership teams
Set the transformation plan
  • Set the strategy and align at all levels with shared goals
  • Set the Agile Transformation pilot period
  • Build the backlog
Set up Scrum Team(s)
  • Set up Scum team(s) around the backlog
  • Prepare the team(s) on the new way of working
  • Train and coach the team(s)
Implementation of pilot period
  • Coach, guide and mentor team(s) and leadership
  • Continuously track the progress
  • Present the pilot period results to leadership teams
Agree on the next steps to scale Scrum and grow the agile bubble at all levels.